June 2023 Minutes

Town of Eileen

28850 Eileen Town Hall Road,  Ashland, WI 54806 townofeileen.org

Chairperson – Marty Milanowski (715) 746-2484                           Supervisor – Skip Radosevich (715) 682-6514

Supervisor – Kathy Johanik {715) 746-2507                                       Treasurer – Carol Pufall (715) 682-9168

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 – Meeting Minutes

Office-Shannon Schneeberger (715) 682-1184

Started at 6:00 PM @ 28850 Eileen Town Hall Road, Ashland, WI 54806

Town of Eileen Conference Hall

Meeting called to order by Marty Milanowski, Chairperson. Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present:

Marty Milanowski, Chairperson Skip Radosevich, Supervisor Kathy Johanik, Supervisor

Carol Pufall, Treasurer

Shannon Schneeberger, Clerk

5 attendees

Review of minutes from the May 9, 2023, regular meeting.

A motion to accept the May 9, 2023, minutes was made by Kathy Johanik, seconded by Skip Radosevich. Motion carried.

Treasurer report – Carol Pufall, Town Treasurer, gave an overview of the town’s finances. Checking account balance is $160, 929.19. Money market account is $25,560 .08. Covid recovery fund is at $27,944.87. Request for Shannon Schneeberger, Clerk, to be added to accounts. New business cards were dispersed.

Supervisor report – Skip Radosevich noted the time clock at the shop needs to be replaced. Kathy Johanik will be looking into this.  The bulletin board on Whipperfurth/Carlson Road has been repaired. The bulletin board on Torko road needs to be repaired. Skip received an estimate from Schraufnagel Auto Glass for $96.05 to replace the plexiglass, requested a check to order it. Trees in ditches in the township need to be cleaned up before mowing can be done.

Kathy Johanik reported the Kelly truck is fixed. The tractor needs to get serviced at Lulich’s. South Shore Gravel is about halfway done with hauling gravel. Reminder of the Visitor Center having their 25th year anniversary celebration on June 17th from 10-4 p.m. Also, a dedication ceremony is being held at the

Highland Road Veterans Memorial Park on July 10th at 10 a.m., public welcome. A donation of $300 was received from a local donor to be used for the park.

Old business – None.

New business – Liquor licenses for El Charro, Black Bear, and Sports Hollow were approved. Motion was made by Skip Radosevich and seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.

Public Input: Mark Schneeberger inquired about some properties in the township regarding tax assessed value versus sales price and how that will affect township taxes in the future.

Approve checks and pay bills – motion made by Kathy Johanik, seconded by Skip Radosevich. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn – motion made by Skip Radosevich, seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.