May 2023 Minutes

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Started at 6:00 PM @ 28850 Eileen Town Hall Road, Ashland, WI 54806

Town of Eileen Conference Hall

Meeting called to order by Marty Milanowski, Chairperson. Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present:

Marty Milanowski, Chairperson Skip Radosevich, Supervisor Kathy Johanik, Supervisor

Carol Pufall, Treasurer

Shannon Schneeberger, Office

8 attendees

Review of minutes from the April 11, 2023, regular meeting.

A motion to accept the April 11, 2023 minutes was made by Skip Radosevich and a seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.

Treasurer report – Carol Pufall, Town Treasurer, gave an overview of the town’s finances. Checking account balance is $130,900.32. Money market account is $25,505.98. Covid recovery fund is at $28,072.87.

Supervisor report – Skip Radosevich noted the staining and varnishing on the bathrooms has now been finished, waiting for the bill. Currently getting a quote for the bathroom mirrors to be installed. The project on Whipperfurth Road to fix the posting board he is currently getting supplies from Carlsons to repair. A request for new business cards was made to Carol Pufall.

Kathy reported the wing and sander is off of the 1-ton, the Kelly truck has a seal that is leaking that needs to be fixed. Gravel has been hauled to County Line Rd and Torko Road and grading will be done again. Lawnmower needs tune up/oil change. Tires need to be changed on the town trucks.

Old business – None.

New business – Open Board of Review to adjourn to a later date of September 19, 2023, from 3-6 p.m. Motion by Kathy Johanik, seconded by Skip Radosevich. Motion carried.

Open gravel bids – North Farm Landfill, Jolma Rd, Marengo, WI: $21.23/yard. Olson Bros Contractors, Brule, WI: $27.29/yard.

South Shore Sand & Gravel, Iron River, WI: $22.45/yard.

Trusty Trucking, Iron River, Wi: $26.90/yard.

Motion to accept South Shore Sand & Gravel bid of $22.45/yard by Kathy Johanik, Skip Radosevich seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan appointees added – Kathy Johanik, Jeff Janes, and Dan Westlund. These members will be added to Skip Radosevich and Harry Skulan, making a total of 5. Skip Radosevich made a motion to accept, and Kathy Johanik seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Input: Chief of the Ashland Fire Department, Stewart Mathias, gave an update on our fire/ambulance services for the township and answered questions. Deputy Sheriff Laakonen introduced himself to the town members. Joe Mattson commented on not receiving a reply from our tax assessor regarding a question he had emailed to her months previous.

Approve checks and pay bills – motion made by Skip Radosevich, seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn – motion made by Skip Radosevich, seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.


Minutes prepared by Shannon Schneeberger, Clerk