September 2023 Minutes

Town of Eileen

28850 Eileen Town Hall Road,  Ashland, WI 54806

Chairperson – Marty Milanowski (715) 746-2484                           Supervisor – Skip Radosevich (715) 682-6514

Supervisor – Kathy Johanik {715) 746-2507                                       Treasurer – Carol Pufall (715) 682-9168

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – Meeting Minutes

Office-Shannon Schneeberger (715) 682-1184

Started at 6:00 PM @ 28850 Eileen Town Hall Road, Ashland, WI 54806

Town of Eileen Conference Hall

Meeting called to order by Marty Milanowski, Chairperson. Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present:

Marty Milanowski,

Chairperson Skip Radosevich,

Supervisor Kathy Johanik, Supervisor

Carol Pufall, Treasurer

Shannon Schneeberger, Clerk

2 attendees

Review of minutes from the August 8, 2023, regular meeting.

A motion to accept the August 8, 2023, minutes was made by Kathy Johanik, Skip Radosevich seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report – Carol Pufall, Town Treasurer, gave an overview of the town’s finances. Checking account balance is $162, 700.51. Money market account is $25,656.69.

Supervisor report – Skip Radosevich mentioned needing new filters for the furnace and contacting Troy Weber regarding any furnace maintenance if needed before winter. Request to any board members using the building to run the water/flush toilets while there to prevent rust buildup. Bathroom supplies are needed in the town hall. A new license plate for the 1 ton has been applied for and currently waiting to receive. Paperwork was provided to keep in the truck until then.

Kathy Johanik noted the Kelly truck is done and will be picking it up tomorrow. The rest of the equipment is in good condition. They are still mowing roadsides. Marty and George cleaned up the pile of discarded railroad ties and filled in hole by Erkkila. Marty and George are going to cut some trees by Linda Jarecki. Flat tire on the 1 ton will be ready tomorrow. Bob Pagac is getting the roads graded and up to date in Randy’s absence. There is a large tree branch down in the overflow parking lot of the town hall where there is a car parked. Need to get the car moved before the tree branch can be removed.

Clerk report – None.

Old business – Reminder of Open Book session on Tuesday, September 19th from 3-6 p.m. and Board of Review on Tuesday, September 26th from 6-8 p.m. at the Eileen Conference Hall.

New business – None.

Public Input: None.

Approve checks and pay bills – motion made by Skip Radosevich, seconded by Kathy Johanik. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn – motion made by Kathy Johanik, seconded by Skip Radosevich. Motion carried.